LTE Mass Update Tool

Any RF engineer can be as good as your best network engineers

Ericsson Mass Update Tool (MUT) is designed for RF engineers to work on Ericsson LTE ERBS nodes. The tool provides an easy to use, streamlined feature set that allows your RF Engineers to perform tasks that usually require an Ericsson engineer or your most experienced network engineers.

Automated features complement and enhance your RF engineer’s skills, giving them full control of your Radio Access Network to maintain and bring new sites into service much faster.

The Ericsson Mass Update Tool is fully compatible with Ericsson ERBS nodes in any LTE network and supports both GSM/UMTS and CDMA/CDMA2000 standards.


Top EMUT Features:

Automatic ERBS Configuration

EMUT automatically discovers and configures connection details for every ERBS configured in any OSS, saving valuable RF engineering time.

Automatic Updates for New Software Releases

EMUT automatically imports ERBS class and attribute definitions from the ERBS Node Model file. This makes it easy to rapidly adapt to new ERBS software releases.

Automatic Data Collection

On-demand data collection can be performed for any number of Ericsson ERBS nodes. Easily create new queries or modify an existing query with the help of the ERBS Query Wizard. The wizard guides the user in choosing the desired classes and attributes, then generates the required AMOS commands, which the user can then verify and execute.

Automatic Script Generation:

EMUT automatically creates AMOS commands to update any Ericsson ERBS class. Every RF Engineer can generate trouble-free commands that will run every time without any programming expertise.

Edit Query Output:

Make required changes to query output and update ERBS classes in just a few minutes. Powerful and intuitive query functions allow you to pinpoint and isolate the data you need in record time. Wizard assisted queries can be saved and used again for any ERBS, at any time.

Virtual Terminal:

The built-in Virtual Terminal can be used to connect to any OSS or to any other device.

Import Query Output:

With this command the user can import ERBS output from a previous data collection, stored on the local drive. This is useful when query output needs to be reverted to an earlier state, before changes were made.

User Authorization:

All 3D Cellular tools have built-in safeguards and protocols to prevent unauthorized access to network elements.

Automatic ERBS Class Configuration:

EMUT automatically configures ERBS Class definitions by importing the ERBS Node Model. This makes it easy to adapt to new ERBS software releases in no time.


Take Control of Your Network

Ericsson MUT makes updating ERBS configuration data simple and fast. The intuitive, user-friendly interface and focused feature set give you everything you need, from start to finish. Now there is no need to type out complex commands, to call in specialists or switch between several tools to get the job done. Ericsson MUT puts RF engineers in the driver’s seat.


Easy to Work with Managed Objects

Data from multiple ERBSs is displayed in a spreadsheet style window for maximum clarity. Powerful sorting and querying functions allow you to view the data any way you want. Easily modify attribute values using familiar commands—Find, Replace, Delete, Cut, Copy and Paste. With one click on a column header, you can enter new values for an attribute in every MO under your command.


Ericsson MUT at a Glance

  • Fine-tuned control over data collection. From a single attribute to an entire market, the simple-to-use ERBS Query Wizard puts you in control.
  • Save valuable hours with data on demand. Collect data for a single attribute, modify it, update, and refresh to see the changes.
  • Massive updates made easy. Any changes made to one ERBS can easily be made across an entire market.
  • Your RF Engineers can be as good as Ericsson engineers, or your best network engineers. The 3D Graphical User Interface is intuitive and easy to learn, includes many automation features and eliminates the need to learn complex commands for different network elements and tools.
  • Free up your most experienced network engineers by allowing any RF engineer to perform complex mass updates.
  • Less configuration, more productivity. Automatic configuration means never having to spend time manually entering IP addresses.


Ericsson MUT is an indispensable tool for RF engineers working with Ericsson ERBS equipment.

Find Out More

  • Screenshots (coming soon): View select images from the Ericsson MUT's intuitive and user-friendly GUI interface.


Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 or higher.
  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) Pentium processor or similar.
  • At least 10 gigabytes (GB) of available hard disk space.
  • Video adapter and monitor with 1024 x 768 or higher resolution.

Minimum System Requirements

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